“I have worked with CPA Ron Anfuso in various capacities for several years now. Perhaps the primary capacity in which I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Anfuso is as a joint neutral financial expert. In that role, Mr. Anfuso has done a remarkable job of collecting all of the financial information from both spouses in a divorce matter, valuing various assets, including businesses and then meeting with both spouses and counsel and assisting all of us with having a cohesive understanding of the parties’ financial estate. Changes can be made on the spot and tax ramifications and financial planning are all discussed and taken into consideration. We have been able to settle many litigated, mediated and collaborative cases with Mr. Anfuso’s very capable assistance.

In his role as a forensic expert, Mr. Anfuso has also been very helpful in several of my litigated matters. After reviewing the relevant financial records, Mr. Anfuso provides thorough reports and/or declarations to be filed with the court. He is also very willing to walk one through the best way to approach issues to be heard in court. Recently, Judge Pacheco of the Los Angeles Superior Court indicated on the record that Mr. Anfuso was very helpful in providing a clear picture of the parties’ income, the correct columns for different deductions and accurate explanations for why different columns were used in the support calculations. In addition, Judge Pacheco relied very heavily on Mr. Anfuso’s cogent presentation of financial information in a part of the matter regarding an alleged omitted asset. As a result of Mr. Anfuso’s helpful assistance in this particular matter, we succeeded on every issue.”