Maintaining Communication with Referring Attorneys and Clients*

Ron Anfuso is among the most outgoing, energetic CPAs you will ever have the pleasure to meet.  So, you can expect he would adhere to a higher standard of communication, and he does.  His expectation for communications excellence applies to his entire staff.

  • Ron and his staff always welcome calls from referring attorneys AND their clients regardless whether it is prior to beginning casework, when engaged in our assignments or after completing our work.*  Even if you have been serviced by a staff person, you can contact Ron directly anytime.  If your call is urgent and he is tied up in court when you call, he will get back to you as soon as he can make himself free.  He, or in rare occurrences, a staff accountant, will respond to all other calls from attorneys and clients within one business day.
  • Ron is clear and succinct in his explanations and responses to questions from you and your clients.  All staff accountants adhere to this same expectation.
  • Ron and our staff consistently provide timely well-written reports to judges and you that fulfill your requests.
  • Ron practices two-way communication skills and leadership ability that enable Ron and his staff to collaborate effectively and remain informed on cases.  This allows us to provide you the consistent, timely communications you need to meet your deadlines.  Thus, when you call Ron directly, he is usually up-to-date on your case’s progress.  In the infrequent situations where he is not completely up-to-speed, he attains his answers quickly, and he or the accountant working the case (with your permission) will get back to you within the agreed upon time frame.

*We always adhere to the desires of our referring attorneys.  Thus, we only communicate directly with their clients to the degree our referring attorneys ask us to do.


When the referring attorney’s and client’s goals are to achieve a settlement, Ron and his staff conduct their work solely with that objective in mind.  Referring attorneys know Ron and his staff provide accurate, thorough work that helps attorneys achieve the best possible settlement outcomes for their clients.

Meeting Deadlines

Completing work on time is not that difficult!  Yet, we frequently hear frustrations from attorneys about some Forensic Accounting firms.  Here is what we do to ensure we always meet the deadlines of referring attorneys and their clients:

  • We do not take on a case unless we have the qualified staff to timely execute the work.
  • We keep our offices clean and organized, which keeps us in line with Ron’s management philosophy… We perform Meticulous planning prior to beginning work on a case.  First, we determine all of the actions we will need to undertake to thoroughly complete our assignment.  Then Ron carefully establishes who will be responsible for the completion of each respective task, and sets a deadline date for the fulfillment of each action.
  • Ron reviews the progress of each active case daily, and meets with staff as needed to ensure they remain on target to complete their work on time.
  • We continuously maintain our computer and physical filing system to ensure efficient access to the content of our files.
  • We keep our offices clean and organized, which keeps us in line with Ron’s management philosophy.
Ron Anfuso on Phone at Desk
Attorneys and clients who visit our office know Ron keeps his office clean and organized just like in this photo

Thorough Preparation for Testimony

Ron possesses superior organizational skills.  Regardless whether he assigns a case to a staff person or not, he knows exactly how far in advance he must begin preparation for his testimony.  Ron has defined each step he needs to perform in planning his appearance and sticks to that plan without exception.  The result is thorough preparation, including for the “unexpected”, and consistent execution in court.

Delivering Expert Witness Testimony

  • Consistency: Ron Anfuso handles all expert witness testimony for the firm and wants to keep it that way.  He has made over 400 straight court appearances without substitution.  Since Ron makes all of the firm’s appearances, he and his staff begin preparing Ron for his testimony when he first learns a case will be going to trial.
  • Planning: Ron projects exactly how much planning for testimony each case requires.  He carefully defines every step he will need to perform and sticks to that plan.  The result is thorough preparation, including for the unexpected.  This allows Ron to be confident, attentive and extroverted under tough cross examination.
  • Court Appearances: Ron is always enthusiastic and confident when he appears in court.  He carefully listens and answers only the question asked, and always responds loudly and clearly.  His ability to remain extroverted under difficult cross examination enables Ron to remain focused and to think quickly.  This prevents opposing counsel from being able to catch him off guard and intimidate him.  His track record on the witness stand is difficult to match.

Credibility with Judges

Judges consider Ron a prepared and credible witness.  He has been appointed by judges more than 30 times pursuant to Evidence Code §730.  Ron provides what judges want… clear, concise, impartial testimony that help resolve complex Forensic Accounting matters.  Ron also continually demonstrates integrity and thorough knowledge of Forensic Accounting and California Family Law that relates to Forensic Accounting.  Furthermore, he consistently provides timely and succinctly written reports that fulfill judges’ requests.  The bottom line is Ron has worked hard to earn his reputation among judges and diligently continues to do so to keep it.