“I began working with Ron J. Anfuso, CPA, ABV, CFF, CDFA, FABFA after attending a presentation where he spoke. Based on his impressive credentials, I referred him a case. There are expert witnesses whose veracity is impaired by their tendency to advocate for their clients’ legal positions, whereas Mr. Anfuso is an advocate for his opinion and does not compromise his standards. I feel comfortable using Mr. Anfuso’s services either as a joint accountant or as an independent accountant for one side of the case. I believe in both of these scenarios, he can provide an objective opinion based on the specific facts of the cases and will not become an advocate for one of the parties.

In my continuing relationship with Mr. Anfuso, I have appreciated his professional demeanor, and his ability to clearly explain his findings to my clients, myself and when necessary to the Court.”

Note: “Carol passed away in July 2010. She is missed by me not only for her dedication to her clients and team efforts in collaborative law we shared, but also for her tremendous passion for child advocacy and youth literacy. I am in deep gratitude for her confidence and belief in my skills. To her family, I extend my heartfelt sympathy and very best wishes. May God Bless.” -Ron J. Anfuso